Ken Scholes (kenscholes) wrote,
Ken Scholes

Updatery on a Quiet Friday Morning

Ah, a quiet Friday morning!  I'll be spending some time in the Named Lands with Jin Li Tam and answering some Canticle queries for the Fine Folks at Tor (tm). 

But I wanted to offer a few updates, too.

First, for those of you who are eager to read the next installment in the Psalms of Isaak, you can pre-order CANTICLE right here.

Also, I'm pleased to annouce that LAMENTATION will be available in Russian, French and German.  Alas, I've misplaced the email that told me which publishers in those countries have picked it up and I've not heard from them on exactly when the book will be out.  But if any of you are reading along and have that information, feel free to drop it into my comments.

I guess that's a good excuse for me to market some short fiction in those countries as well!

Okay, time for me to fly!  Happy Friday world!  Trailer Boy Out!
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