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Sorry it's been a while.  Lots going on.  

Andrew's memorial was an amazing outpouring of community support.  I have never seen anything like it in my life.  Over a thousand people came out for it.  I know Jay's already posted some of the articles.  Here are some pictures.  It was a moving send-off for a wonderful young man.  There is an Andrew-shaped hole in our family now and we have to learn to live around that.

After the service and spending some time with my family, we dropped by the JayCon Afterparty (at the Alibi) on our way home where I commenced to drink mightily (something I rarely do.)  I've a new favorite drink:  The Black Opal.  Doesn't it sound exotic?  I think I raised three or four of them to the memory of my nephew in the company of Jay and the Gang.

And speaking of jaylake, I've just read this article by Simon Owens about his recent experience with cancer.  Having watched Jay walk through this time in his life, I have to say I'm proud of his resolve, his relative calm in the face of uncertainty and his positive attitude.  I've always maintained he was a great guy of high character and how he's handled this part of his life (and all the others) just keeps proving that out.  And congrats to him on the Campbell Memorial Award nomination!

Next up, I made Jonathan Strahan's list over at SF Signal.  Thank you, sir!  I'm pleased to no end that you enjoyed LAMENTATION and see me doing well with it!

I'm feeling pretty solid again and am finally back to work.  Lots to catch up on but back into work mode means I'm out of bed like a poptart from a toaster and at my computer in the wee hours, coffee in hand.  Speaking of which, I need a cup....

So I'll close with a bit of good news:  I've just learned that my short story, "Grief-Stepping to the Widower's Waltz," will be appearing in Polyphony 7, releasing in November 2008.  What's funny is that this story was written during the same week I wrote "Soon We Shall All Be Saunders," which appeared in Polyphony 6.

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