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Misc Updatery and Some Novel Process

Yikes.  What a week.  Certainly the biggest news was Jay's ER/hospital/cancer experience.  Really tough stuff -- for Jay especially, but also for everyone who loves the Big Lug.  I know we're all sending our best thoughts, prayers, good vibrations, mantras, etc towards our pal. And I have to say I'm very proud of how well he's processing everything.  And I want to also say a big thank you to 

lasirenadolcefor taking such good care of our boy.

Beyond that, I somehow managed to get CANTICLE over to casacoronaand arcaedia for their careful eyes.  I started my first pass on galley proofs for LAMENTATION -- actually got chills in several scenes of the first chapter so that may mean I've got enough distance from it to see it the way others are seeing it.  That should be fun.

I find ANTIPHON pulling at me but I know I need to rest.  I also have other things to wrap up.  But I'm going to start taking down notes.  There really isn't any kind of large outline for the Psalms of Isaak -- a few notes here and there.  The bigger story of who did what and why is certainly fairly clear but the individuals that make up the story each have their own part to play and those parts seem to evolve with each book. 


When I wrote LAMENTATION I started with the first short story (the destruction of Windwir) and the second short story (the trial of Sethbert) and just created more characters and filled in the gaps between the two.  I went in knowing there was war and that was pretty much it.  The entire novel unwound itself in a six and a half week push, writing in just about every gap of time I had.  CANTICLE was different.  I wrote an outline but then never looked at it.  Nary a peep.  I just wrote the story from the memory of it and once I started rolling, I let Leroy drive.  It landed fairly close to what I'd envisioned but there were some nice surprises along the way compliments of my Inner Redneck Muse.  But it also took more like 6 months of actual writing as opposed to 6 weeks.  There were a lot of interruptions by Life.

So this time, I think I'll outline again.  But this time, I may be a bit more intentional about where I'm driving my characters.  Not sure yet.  I think it will lots of me sitting and thinking and taking down notes.  I'm also going to keep up my 10k/week cruising speed.  I want to wrap this one in less than four months.

Oh, and Iron Man ROCKS.  Downey was brilliant.  What a fun film.  We test drove the new theaters in Sacappoose this afternoon.

And that's about it.  If any of you are at Book Expo, I'll be there later this month.  I'll post details as I get them-- I know I'll be signing ARCs of LAMENTATION at the Tor table on Saturday morning at 10AM.

Okay, off to see the sunshine.  I hear it's brilliant.


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