Ken Scholes (kenscholes) wrote,
Ken Scholes

For He's a Jolly, Good Fellow

Yesterday was JayCon and you've got to admire a man who throws a fine party for his friends on his own birthdya and fills it up with a tribe of amazing people.  So first and foremost, though the actual day was earlier in the month -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. LAKE.  You are a fine soul and a great friend in addition to being a brilliant, wildly talented writer, a keen-minded observer of life, and a fine entertainer.  You're one of my favorite humans, pal, and most importantly:  You know how to live well.

JayCon was a hoot.  The Trope Chest was very cool, filled with nifty little trinkets representative of Jay's tropes.  There were far more angels than clowns.

And while I read the latest (third) installment in the adventures of Jay Lake (finished just a few hours ahead of the reading), the Birthday Boy His Ownself and the Imminent Frank Wu acted out the story as I narrated.  It was a lot of fun.  No one fled weeping from the room.  Sounded like lots of laughter.  And special shout out to Christina whereever you are for volunteering to be my drink holder.  If you're in LJ land, get ahold of me and I'll send you something for being such a good sport.

As a special birthday gesture to one of my closest friends and favorite people, I'm making "Jay Lake and the Last Temple of the Monkey King" available to anyone who emails me through my website.  If you missed the party, you can at least still get the story.  If you've not read the previous two, ask for those as well.

Also, there were lots of cameras going off during the reading.  I would dearly love to have some of those shots with the eventual goal of posting some onto my nifty, new website (should I ever actually get to designing it.)  So if you were in attendance and have some good pics of the unfolding drama, please consider emailing some over with a note saying I can use them if you're amenable to that.

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