Ken Scholes (kenscholes) wrote,
Ken Scholes

Gosh Wow Writers

Anyone who comes around here probably already knows that jaylakeis a gosh-wow writer.  One of my favorite things in this job is getting to read other people's stuff ahead of the world.  I've always loved story...first, on the TV as a little kid.  Later, in books that swept me off into amazing new worlds and tickled my sense of wonder...eventually luring me into writing.  Remember the first time you stepped into one of those worlds?  Did you feel the universe lurch in a gosh-wow way?

I've read several stories of jaylake's that gosh-wowed me.  I think the first one was "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night" and there have been several others since.  But the two that have gosh-wowed me the most are the two that the vast majority of you haven't seen yet -- Death of a Starship and Stemwinder.

Stemwinder was so gosh-wow that it's landed up there with some of the gosh-wow novels I remember from my youth.  It is a beautiful book with excellently drawn characters in an engaging world.  My pal Jay's got a lot of room to run in this place he's made for us.  And we do, too. 

I've not yet read Mainspring, the precursor to this one, but I will be putting my hands on it as soon as humanly possible.  And the next one.  And the next one.

Keep it up, pal.  You're one helluva tale-spinner. 
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