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Discombobulated Pensivity in the Double-Wide of Life
The Ken Scholes Live Journal
Sendin' the Clown 
12th-Jan-2011 01:10 pm
Flying Ken

It's Kenika Eve Day and it's been a week of Kenika miracles.  Yesterday, I got my coolest interview invite ever (more on that as details come together.)  Last weekend, I made a nice chunk of progress on Requiem after a long stretch of time away.

And then...there's my new story over at Tor.com, beautifully illustrated by New York artist Ellen Weinstein.  

This story was my 24 hour story when I attended the Writers of the Future workshop in 2005.  In the exercise, we were all given a found object (mine was a tiny three-eyed monkey), sent out to interview strangers in stealth-like-fashion (my strangers were a guy named Kamal that I met in a bookstore and have subsequently bumped into pretty regularly at conventions and an unemployed clown whose name I can't recall), spent a half day in the library and then were turned loose to pound out a story in 24 hours.  I tried to tell a more serious story.  Really.  I did.  But ultimately, this is what I landed from the Story Pond. 

What else?  Hmmm.

Tomorrow, for Kenika Day, we're leaving the kids with their uncle, aunt and grandma and heading to Sunriver, OR, thanks to my family's love and generosity (we're being put up in a timeshare for a twin-free weekend.)  Kenika 43 is going to be a lot of fun.  And in the midst of the fun, I suspect there will also be words.

And next week?  Next week, I'll be at Village Books in Bellingham, WA on Friday 1/21 at 7pm to read, play some songs, and sign some books.  There is a Fairhaven pubcrawl to follow...presently in the planning stages.  Last pubcrawl led to the invention of a new drink...the Naked Mormon.  It was tasty.  (No LDS practitioners were actually without clothing in the making or drinking of said drink though one was consulted in the invention process.  And this was while we were all still quite sober.)

And that's all the news that's fit to print.  Trailer Boy out. 

13th-Jan-2011 12:09 am (UTC)
I remember that monkey!
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