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Discombobulated Pensivity in the Double-Wide of Life
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20th-Dec-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
Flying Ken
19th-Dec-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
Flying Ken
14th-Oct-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
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2nd-Sep-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
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30th-Aug-2016 12:03 pm - My tweets
Flying Ken
9th-Aug-2011 07:13 am - Where's Trailer Boy?
Flying Ken
 If you've come here from my website, you've likely noticed two things:  1)  The website is not current and 2)  There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity here at Discombobulated Pensivity, either.

These are both in transition and ultimately, I'll end up with a newish website that is current with a blog feature there.

But until then, you can follow my antics, hyjinx, writing and life news over at Facebook.

And there's an FAQ here that might be of interest to you.  Eventually, it'll be incorporated into the new site.

Meanwhile, the site's email address is working and I also accept Friend Requests and Messages in FB.


16th-Feb-2011 04:52 am - Chicago Meet Up TOMORROW!
Flying Ken
For my friends, fans, colleagues and anyone else in the Chicago Area: I will be at Carmen's Pizza, Pasta House & Catering, 1911 West Golf Road, Schaumburg, IL at 6pm on Thursday (tomorrow.) Drop by and raise a slice or a glass to my success in treatment! 
15th-Feb-2011 09:02 am - Chicago Bound!
Flying Ken
I'll be leaving for the Chicago area tomorrow and will be staying in Hoffman Estates until Saturday morning.

I'm trying to put together a small meet-up for anyone in the area interested in having pizza.  If you're a fan, friend, colleague, friend of a friend, etc and want to hang a bit then shoot me an email or send me a Facebook message.

Currently, I'm thinking 6-8pm Thursday evening is my best window but I'm open to other suggestions.  It'll likely be someplace in Hoffman Estates.
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