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Flying Ken

As you've all heard, I was fortunate enough to be included in the Metatropolis sequel that the fine folks at Audible put together with the mighty editorial and storytelling muscles Jay Lake and stories by Tobias Buckell, Elizabeth Bear, Mary Robinette Kowal, Karl Schroeder and a certain Trailer Boy.

In addition to the amazing writerly talent my little novella gets to keep company with, we also have the added Yowza! of each story being narrated by a different actor from the Star Trek universe.  (I'm still squeeing over LeVar Burton reading mine.)  I've sampled the audio and video clips about the project over at Audible and this book is made of Awesome and Wow.

And today is the day!  You can download your copy of Metratropolis: Cascadia at Audible and through the i-Tunes Store. 

Go on...what are you waiting for?


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